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SPECI-GARD® brand is a unique product but also a complete range of polyethylene bags, single and double pocket, designed to respond to the new safety standards required in the transport of biological samples.

The diversity of his formats fits the requirements of laboratories, blood banks, emergency services, and surgical blocks.

The bag SPECI-GARD® rest permanently closed and provides the complete sample whatever its mode of transfer. Easy to use, it guarantees a perfect seal with his instant adhesive closure which allow an easy and quick opening.

Customization of bags:

  • Company logo (s), contact information and special instructions.
  • Many sizes and colors available.
  • Presented with head bundle to be hung.
  • Equipped with an absorbent as a second sealed package.

Conforms for the transport of samples
of Category B (UN3373) biological materials
by road (ADR)



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